Why should I subscribe to MOBOX’s services?
Why should I subscribe to MOBOX's services?
Your complete peace of mind, that’s the purpose of MOBOX! Whichever formula you may choose, we will take care of everything without any extra cost. This includes everything from the choice of tyres and their fitting, the unconditional warranty, the annual inspection, and if you wish, can even include the maintenance : you really don’t need to worry about anything!
What is gained from having a MOBOX subscription instead of buying the tyres ?
Don’t worry: A MOBOX package cannot be compared to a conventional tyre purchase, because you win all the way: Peace of mind, with the additional services and an unconditional warranty, unique in the market. More control, with moderate monthly payments to smooth out your budget. More security, with the confidence of driving with our choice of premium tyres.
Are the tyres offered in the MOBOX packages of good quality?
You can count on us ! For your safety, we only offer the best brands: Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, Goodyear. Our professionals will advise you on the type of tyre that best suits your needs and your vehicle: Touring tyres, all-season tyres, Run-Flat tyres, etc. And of course, whatever our selection may be, you are free to make your own choice!
Will I have additional fees in addition to my monthly subscription?
Don’t worry! All the services included in your package are free of additional costs. You will have nothing more to pay when you come in for the repair, replacement or because of any damage to your tyres.
I have just subscribed to a MOBOX package. Who do I contact if I need work to be done on my tyres or car?
It’s all very straightforward ! You don’t have to worry about anything. The MOBOX team will notify you when work should be carried out on your vehicle by sending you reminders for the required vehicle inspections and servicings. And for certain packages, we will take care of your appointments also. In case of any emergency, you can find your nearest point of sale on www.mymobox.fr or contact our Call Center on 08 05 54 21 54 (our freephone number).
I have to travel everywhere in France. Is my subscription valid in all the FirstStop outlets?
Rest assured : you can go to any participating FirstStop outlet to keep track of the maintenance of your tyres and vehicle.
How to subscribe?
Where can I subscribe to a MOBOX package?
Look no further! You can purchase a monthly MOBOX subscription from FirstStop auto maintenance centers. Find a dealer !
I don't like to waste my time. Is it easy to purchase a MOBOX package?
You can relax! The subscription process is straightforward and can be processed quickly in our outlets. We will present a clear and transparent offer, and you can choose to either subscribe immediately, or to reserve a package with your credit card. We fit the tyres on your vehicle without charging your credit card. You will immediately receive your login credentials so that you can calmly finalize your online registration at home. It’s as easy as any online purchase!
A contract in line with my driving style?
What happens if I wear my tyres out before the end of the 24-month period?
No need to panic ! The duration of our subscriptions has been designed for normal usage. If your usage is greater, we replace your used tyres without charge and you leave with a new package adjusted to your usage (which includes the remaining monthly payments from your first contract). This new subscription will allow you to take advantage of the same services for a new period of 24 months.
I am a "infrequent driver". I'm coming to the end of my subscription soon and my tyres are not used. What should I do ?
Nothing at all ! You automatically benefit from an optional 12-month subscription extension at a reduced price. It’s normal to reward your responsible behavior, right? You will continue to benefit from the unconditional warranty and the annual inspection.
I am a professional driver. Why can’t I subscribe?
That’s not surprising ! MOBOX subscription plans are restricted to private individuals. Just wait until 2019, when companies will be able to subscribe to our offer.
I am rather eco-responsible. How is MOBOX compatible with my values?
With MOBOX, we do not encourage you to change tyres constantly. On the contrary, when we know you better, we can even reward your responsible behavior with lowered monthly payments. It’s a bit like an insurance bonus!
What are our services?
Tyre + Fitting
Includes the selected tyres, their first fitting on your rims, as well as wheel balancing and a valve change (except in the case of a pilot valve, which is not replaced).
Pneumatic warranty
In the General Conditions of Sale.
Inspection and Rotation
Inspection of the condition of your tyres (depth, deformation, …) and rotation of the front and back tyres according to the amount of wear. This service is available once a year, starting from the 12th month after the date of fitting of the tyres (or beginning of the contract).
Reminder for appointment
Automatic reminder service: An SMS or email reminder is sent to the vehicle user when a service can be activated or when a period suitable for a servicing is reached.
Oil Change
An oil change includes changing the oil in your engine according to the manufacturer’s recommendations (1) and changing the oil filter (2). (1) 5l. maximum for a passenger vehicle, 6l. max for 4×4 or van (2) Valid for filters ≤ €20 VAT included, for all others, retail billing is applied. The services « Installation » and « Fitting » are limited to a time slot of maximum 1 hour. Beyond 1 hour, retail billing is applied, and the surplus time is billed according to the partner’s hourly rate. This service is available once a year, from the 12th month after the date of installation of the tyres (or start of the contract). In case of extension of the 12-month contract, this service is available again only once during the extension period.
Safety Inspection
This includes a 21 point Safety Inspection and an electronic check-up (Checking the On-Board-Diagnostic (OBD) trouble codes, resetting the service indicator, replacing the braking fluid). When can this 21-point Inspection be done? This service is available once a year, starting from the 12th month after the date of fitting of the tyres (or beginning of the contract). In the case of a 12-month contract extension, this service is available once more during this extension period.
Servicings include the pressurisation of the tyres & spare wheel, the levels of the washer fluid and coolant within the limit of 1l. each
Swapping summer/winter tyres
Démontage / Remontage de vos pneumatiques pour changer un train de pneus en pneu été ou en pneu hiver. Ce service est disponible une fois par période concernée (une fois à l’automne et une fois au printemps) dans la limite de 2 changements par an.
Tyre Hotel
The tyre hotel allows you to store your summer tyres when your winter tyres have been fitted and vice versa. This service is available for the duration of your contract.
How to unsubscribe?
How to unsubscribe?
You can cancel your subscription at any time and for any reason, simply by paying the instalments for the remaining months. To unsubscribe, simply contact the support team by email or phone.
I have to sell my vehicle. Can I cancel my subscription easily?
Of course, we have considered this possibility! You can cancel your subscription at any time and for any reason, simply by paying the instalments for the remaining months. For more information, please contact our support team.
Zoom on our Warranty?
One of my tyres is punctured. Am I covered?
Yes, rest assured! The unconditional warranty included in your subscription covers the repair or replacement of the tyre free of charge.
When parking, I hit the sidewalk and damaged a tyre. Am I covered?
Of course ! The unconditional warranty included in your subscription covers the repair or replacement of the tyre free of charge.
My tyres have been vandalized. Am I covered?
Don’t panic! The unconditional warranty included in your subscription covers the repair or replacement of vandalized tyres free of charge.
Does the unconditional warranty cover me for everything?
Yes, you are completely covered for normal tyre usage on conventional roads. Any extraordinary use, for example on a racing circuit, is not covered.
One of my tyres needs to be repaired or replaced. In the meantime, how can I drive?
Don’t worry. Your FirstStop professional is committed to getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. In most cases, our experts will repair your tyre immediately. If your tyre is replaced during a warranty intervention, the duration of your contract does not change and you continue to take advantage of the same services and warranties.

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